Sunday, June 17, 2012

"The Biggest Little City in the World"

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Teri Nomura said...

Hi, A documentary film is being made about my father Carl Nomura, 92 years old. I was wondering if we could use this photo as a still in the film about his life. The film is about his life. He was born in the US, then with Executive Order 9066 during WWII he was interned unconstitutionally in an internment camp at Manzanar in the desert in CA. He opted to become a migrant farm worker to get out of there, but still had guns pointing at him. When that work was done he was bussed back to Manzanar- still at gunpoint, and happened to stop in Reno (which is where we would use this photo) There he saw Italian prisoners of war in new army woolens (he was in rags), playing the slot machines. That was a defining moment for him. He is now 92 years old, a reitred Honeywell executive, and quite active. What would it take to get the use of this photo with no watermark?